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SPECIAL Super substantial!

Super substantial!

Is something substantial still not enough for you?! Then try our delicious schnitzel with juicy button mushrooms in herbs and crisp fried potatoes in a rich, sticky fried onion sauce. Treat yourself!


For a limited time only!
Contains preservatives. Available from all participating Tabilo restaurants.


Looking for the juiciest mushrooms?

From being a hobby associated with fuddy-duddies, foraging for mushrooms has re-emerged as a real trend in recent years. All you need are good footwear, a basket and in-depth knowledge of the different types of mushrooms and toadstools. If you are unsure, most German cities have a “mushroom consultant”, who can check whether the mushrooms you have collected are edible or not. However, if you don’t want to take any chances, there’s no need to go foraging at all. After all, the juiciest mushrooms with herbs can be found in our “super substantial” schnitzel promotion! Enjoy!