Bringing home the bacon!


Schnitzel is a true German classic. Bacon and eggs, however, are more attributable to American cuisine. But if they’re all combined with juicy mushrooms and crispy French fries, the result is a dream line-up that goes the whole hog!


Promotional period: 13.9. - 12.12.2019. Contains preservatives. Available at all participating branches of Tabilo.


Are you ready to bring home the bacon?

Bacon is prepared from pork belly and undergoes extensive curing and smoking. During curing, the meat is soaked in brine and flavoured. This lends it its characteristic red colour and prolongs its shelf life. When it comes to smoking, a distinction is made between hot and cold smoking. The choice of wood and other additives play a decisive role in the unique flavour of bacon, which enables a multitude of exciting creations in the kitchen. The ‘Specktakel’ combination with schnitzel and egg is definitely one you should try! Enjoy!