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Cordon Bleu only 8,99 €

Crisply wrapped

In our latest promotion, we offer a classic at its best! Juicy chicken breast meets tenderly melting cheese and aromatic ham, all in a deliciously crispy crust. The delectable cordon bleu is served according to tradition, with hot chips – fresh to your table and simply irresistible!

2 Contains preservatives | 3 Contains antioxidants | 9 Contains phosphates

Good to know

Cordon bleu (translated from French, literally: ‘blue ribbon’) is a breaded schnitzel – traditionally of veal or pork – filled with cheese and ham.

The schnitzel is pan-fried, which melts the cheese at its centre, lending the dish its characteristic flavour. The phrase ‘à la cordon bleu’ can be found in French literature as early as the mid-twentieth century and means ‘in the manner of high cuisine’. Bon appétit!