Schnitzel, Italian style!

Schnitzel, Italian style!

Perfect three-part harmony: schnitzel, chips and tomato salad. No one can resist this flavour composition. Freshly prepared pork in a crispy breading, served alongside hot chips and a salad of hand-sliced tomatoes with Grana Padano cheese – sound good?


Promotion period: 28 June to 12 September 2019. Contains preservatives. Available at all participating Tabilo locations.


The history of Grana Padano.

Grana Padano is among the most famous and most popular cheeses in Italy. It originated in the 11th century, when monks were trying to find ways of making surplus cow milk non-perishable. Grana Padano is a hard, semi-fat, grating cheese. The process of its production, incidentally, has changed little in almost one thousand years. The cheese’s name is derived from its grainy (granuloso) texture and its beginnings in the Po Valley, or Padan Plain (Pianura Padana, from the Latin Padus = Po). Mixed with the tomatoes, Grana Padano lends our salad a pleasantly aromatic note.